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Katie Holmes And Victoria Beckham Go Commercial

No joke. Sweet. As far as I live, not we started t. Both the ad campaign for Katie Holmes shot Miu Miu el Posh posed in underwear for Armani campaign were leaked. We believe that made of tinfoil. And what did the animals for slaughter come earlier on the set? Enough. Our thoughts? Katie looks like she died and then came back as a zombie. If there were a photographer, you d be a second away from her stabbing in the head with a pile of wood (thanks Dwight). It been an exciting morning.
16.1.09 10:16

Thats Racing Like Favre Martin Wants One More Shot

His is an onion person theres a peel away another layer and under it. The heart, has maintained itself. Mark Martin and I have collaborated on a book a few years ago, Mark of Excellence, and I spent the summer Martin interviews, his friends, family and fellow drivers. As Brett Favre, has just cannot seem to give him and feet. -Once the athletes have great difficulty in leaving the stage in the twilight of his career. During his three decades of racing that has proved impossible to peg. Everything has been revealed about Mark with the exception of the heart. In case Mark Martins, the more we learn about him, the less you know. About Mark Martin was shown by the little boy grew up in a broken home in rural Ozark to a life fraught with triumph and travail. The back stories are rarely happy endings. So, I suppose I shouldn t have been surprised when Martin, 50, has announced plans to end its semi-retirement this year and return to Sprint Cup racing full time.
16.1.09 10:16

The Daily Dose Ncaa Expected To Shorten Nba Draft Window

C was a very interesting story in The Washington Post on Wednesday, details of a proposal should be approved by NCAA Division I of the Legislative Council, which limit the amount of time college underclassmen are before deciding whether to remain in the draft or NBA return to school. It caught many people - both NBA and in the Players Association - by surprise..
16.1.09 10:16

Mad Men Upcoming Season Not Certain

An insider told E! that the talks had come to a stalemate, but both sides want to resolve the problem and the writer to sign for two more seasons. The show writer Matt Weiner, has not been signed for next season. Weiner and his representatives are in talks with AMC about various aspects of the series, including, not surprisingly, compensation. I dont know anything about next season I dont even know if its success, said Weiner E! On InStyle Golden Globes after-party. AMCs hit TV show, and recent winner Golden Globe, Mad Men, has an unpredictable future, E! Online is reporting.
16.1.09 10:16

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